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Should I Buy a Diamond or A Sapphire?

The sapphire is the second hardest substance on Earth, after the diamond. It is also a popular jewelry gem stone, much like a diamond, so it might seem obvious that the two could be interchangeable in some ways. Indeed, this

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Higher Fuel, Rents Push Inflation and Could Guarantee Fed Rate Hike in December

Consumer prices in the United States have finally recorded their biggest gain, in the last five months, with the cost of gasoline and rents in September surging. Economists say, then, this points to steady inflation which could help to keep

Hep-C Medication, Life-Saving, Expensive, and Might Not Be All Its Cracked Up to Be

We are making major strides in treating and curing disease, these days but it is not without a price. The price of some of the most promising drug treatments in history seem to be quite outrageous, particularly when you compare the