40 Years of Aryabhata

Aryabhata, the first satellite by India, was launched 40 years ago. And to celebrate this special occasion, here are some facts that you are not aware about the first satellite by India.

40 Years of Aryabhata

  1. The domestic satellite was initiated by Russia, from their Kapustin Yar rocket development and launch site by utilizing a Kosmos-3M vehicle used for launching, which resulted in the country to go on a thrilling space adventure.
  2. The satellite Aryabhata was named after the Indian mathematician and astronomer in the 5th century.
  3. The victorious launch of Aryabhata was the consequence of a unilateral harmony between the Soviet Union and India, with the USSR approving to commence Indian Satellites.
  4. To mark this momentous event, both Russia and India, set first day covers and commemorative stamps on the loose.
  5. Somewhere between the 1990s, the Reserve Bank of India also commemorated this momentous event by liberating a brand new currency of Two Rupee, which had the picture of the Aryabhata satellite on the overturn of the currency.
  6. The Aryabhata satellite mission was at first bolted at Rs. 3 Crore but expenditure was a little extra, as other things and furniture had to be purchased.
  7. Data receiving centre for India’s primary satellite Aryabhata was nothing but a toilet in Bangalore. It was converted into a data receiving centre.
  8. The Aryabhata Mission comprised a 5-fold objective.
  9. The Aryabhata was 1.4 meters (4.6 ft) in diameter and 26-sided polyhedron. All sides (except the bottom and the top) were enclosed with solar cells. The satellite had a weight of 360 Kgs.
  10. It was not Jawahar Lal Nehru but Indira Gandhi who chose to name for the satellite Aryabhata.

Well friends, it has been 40 years since the launch. Since then, ISRO made many achievements. Recently, it launched more than 100 satellites in a single go creating history once again. ISRO, abbreviated for Indian Space Research Organization, is always underestimated for one or the other reason. But, it has proved its ability every time by proving itself with such kind of miracles. Share your thoughts on this and let us know as to what you think of ISRO.

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