Cricket Wireless to Sell iPhone 6S and 6S Plus through Prepaid, Contract-free Plans

Apple’s iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are set to launch today, and Cricket Wireless is getting into the action by selling both the new phones online as well as at select retail locations.

As a subsidiary of AT&T, Cricket offers prepaid, contract-free plans comprised of unlimited talk and text, in addition to a certain amount of 4G LTE data—between 2.5 and 10 gigabytes per month. Customers can pay the full retail price upfront, or take advantage of Cricket’s financing and leasing options. The mobile plan includes taxes and extra fees, ensuring there are no surprises when the first bill arrives.

The iPhone 6S starts at $650, and the iPhone 6S Plus starts at $750. Cricket’s smartphone plans are $40 per month. They can be reduced to $35 if customers sign up for auto payments. Both iPhone 6S and 6S Plus owners will be able to connect to Cricket’s extensive LTE network, covering over 300 million users. International calling options to Canada and Mexico are also included in the plans, as well as calling plans to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Image credit: iMore
Image credit: iMore

The AT&T subsidiary competes with services such as Sprint’s Boost Mobile and T-Mobile’s MetroPCS, both of which offer free, no-contract plans. But contract-free plans are not as obscure as they once were, when the majority of smartphone purchasers paid a subsidized fee that committed them to a two-year contract. Now all four major US carriers—AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile—offer or restrict buyers to contract-free plans where the full retail price is paid for the phone.

Subsidiaries like Cricket still offer unique benefits. Customers know exactly what they will pay each month, because fees and taxes are included in the total cost. Carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile are busy competing with each other to provide low-rate installment deals where customers pay off or lease the phone through a small monthly fee.

However, those deals sometimes come with certain caveats and can be confusing. A service like Cricket simplifies the process and offers more coherent options to pay for the phone altogether or finance it.

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