Employees Confess all things that they Hated most about Working at Google

Having a job at Google is like heaven in the career. But there are some drawbacks too. For everything that you gain, you have to lose something. That’s the universal rule. Here are the things that employees at Google have confessed.

Former software engineer, Vlad Patryshev, says—it is really difficult to converse any subject unless it is your pal you are talking to. Intentional planning is pretty exceptional, since everybody is defensive and not concerned in estimations of other public except those people are ‘Significant Gods’.

Joe Cannella, an employee at Google says that—mainly, you end up spending the best part of your life with Google coworkers, eating Google food, talking in Google acronyms, wearing Google gear, sending Google emails on Google phones, and you finally start to drop sight of what it’s like to be autonomous of the big G, and every corner of your life is set up to strengthen the thought that you would be totally insane to want to be at other place.

Former software engineer, Katy Levinson, says—the most horrible part of functioning at Google for me was feeling unused. As someone with approximately 25 years of management, programming, and architecture experience, I was not doing anything that a high-quality college employee with approximately 2 years of experience could not do faster and just as well. That’s a miserable situation.

Well, this is the story behind the scenes. If you do have any such stories, feel free to share with us. Do not forget to comment on this situation. Your thoughts are very important to us.

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