Ford Recalling Thousands of Windstars

Automobile company Ford is recalling thousands of their minivans, among other vehicles, in Canada. The recall specifically affects older models of Ford’s Windstar, which have repeatedly been under scrutiny for issues involving their rear axles. The recall affects close to sixty thousand older models of minivans.

This is not the first time Ford has issued a recall on repair jobs for the Windstar’s rear axle, as the problem was last dealt with in 2010. That year, axle cracks began appearing on these vehicles, which, through everyday use and especially in cold weather, would grow and cause the axle to break. Once the rear axle broke or the crack grew big enough, the car would completely fail and drivers risked crashes. Even if drivers’ vehicles were serviced for the 2010 recall, they may be at risk for the newest recall as well.

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Any Windstar manufactured in Oakville, Ontario is at risk if it was built between 1998 and 2003. These models were sold in two regions of North America: the United States and Canada. In 2010 they were originally recalled because of the axle and a bracket was installed to help reinforce the rear axle if it began to crack.

In order to correct the problem as a part of the recall, Windstar owners can go to dealerships where mechanics will inspect the vans to ensure that the axles are not broken and any brackets have been installed properly. In the case that customers do need a replacement, they are able to receive a three hundred dollar discount on the price of replacement service.

Now they are being recalled again as a result of concerns that the axle bracket may not be properly installed and poses the same risk that the original issue did. Ford has not released definitive information about the accident reports. However, they have stated that a minimal amount of injuries and accidents have occurred as a result of the axle issues. Ford is also recalling 2015 F-150 pickups relating to the cruise control software, which can be fixed through a software update at the dealership.

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