LOONCUP Smart Menstrual Cup Raises Quick Capital

The people behind the LOONCUP quickly grew their funding with what the call the world’s first SMART menstrual cup. With currently $105,000 in funding. The project has been moving along well and the team shows that November will be the month to finally start producing the product. This could very well be one of the best menstrual cup products to come to the market, as it shakes up the way women view their periods.

If you are wondering how the LOONCUP works, you can watch a video on the official Kickstarter campaign here. The technology behind the menstrual cup allows for women to have more control over the management of their periods. With an automated checking cycle, menstrual volume and flow tracker, along with tracking of color and any irregularities that may prompt a doctor visit.

All of the functions of the cup are possible with the housing of a small battery along with a smart sensor that is safely embedded in the device. Once the fluid levels are high enough, the device can communicate with your smartphone to let you know when to change it out. The App for the LOONCUP is always learning your bodies habits, so it will begin seeing a consistent way to gauge your period.

The LOONCUP also has an app for smart watches such as the Apple Watch, for on the go activities and convenience. As the demonstration video shows, this cup was made for a busy lifestyle, and allows women to better understand when they are due for a refresh without having to manually check.

The cost of the LOONCUP on Kickstarter is currently set at $30 but is all sold out. Whether the company will raise the price once it officially goes on sale and is manufactured for the larger base of consumers wanting the device is yet to be seen.

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