North Korea Appeals The US To Acknowledge It As A Nuclear State

North Korea Appeals The US To Acknowledge It As A Nuclear State

On Thursday, North Korea once again demanded that the US should acknowledge it as a nuclear state.

The Kim Jong-un regime, who did not show any concern about Donald Trump’s victory, suggested that the US should now jilt the failed policies of President Barack Obama.

Pyongyang expressed his views in an editorial published by KCNA that the US should now officially consider North Korea as an actual nuclear weapons state and follow the same policies as it does in case of other nuclear weapons states.

It Efe news further added that “sanctions slapped by the Obama administration against North Korea proved unworkable and it is impossible to force it to dismantle its nukes. “

However, none of the editorials or articles in North Korea had mentioned any news regarding US President-elect Donald Trump, who is hopefully expected to make changes to the US policy towards North Korea..

Trump said during his election campaign that he would like to invite Kim Jong-un to the US White House regardless of tough stand taken by the Obama administration that demands North Korea to take an important step towards denuclearization before initiating talks.

However, regardless of the sanctions, North Korea continued the development of its nuclear program and conducted its fifth nuclear test in September.

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