Panasonic reveals solar panel roofs that may be installed in Tesla Model 3

After the merger of Panasonic and Tesla, both the companies are on sky high based on its development rate and technological up-gradation. Tesla’s recently developing Gig factory also has a major contribution from Panasonic for developing solar based products. The collaboration of the two major technology giants is delivering numerous hardware solutions for developing self-driving cars.

Taking a step forward to make Tesla autonomous cars more efficient in terms of power and distribution, Panasonic has revealed a solar panel roof that can be installed on the cars, and the company plans to integrate this solar roofs in Tesla’s Model 3. The prototype was disclosed at a press event in Japan.

The solar roof developed by Panasonic is made up of Photovoltaic Module HIT and can produce enough power to charge the inbuilt vehicle’s lithium-ion battery. It isn’t the fact that integration of the solar panels is totally new in automobiles, but the difference is currently utilized solar panels that are installed on vehicles can only power up 12-volt batteries and can be utilized for some limited operation of car such  on and off functions, electronics features, air conditioning and infotainment system.

But the Panasonic’s Photovoltaic Module HIT holds a capacity of generating 180-watt that can even charge the vehicle’s lithium-ion batteries. The new roof panels will definitely boost the driving range of the hybrid and electrical cars and can be considered as fuel economy booster due to extra efficient power output.

The structure of the roof panels is compatible to 3-D curves to fit the vehicles upper body design. Being a top supplier of Tesla, Panasonic expressed its interest in offering this solar roof for Tesla’s vehicles. And in response to it, Leon Musk—CEO, Tesla also twitted that its model 3 will be offered with such optional solar roof.

This technology by Panasonic is no-doubt efficient example of technological advancements

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