See the World in 3-D with Google’s Project Tango

British analysts are happy to finally get their hands on Google’s Project Tango, a mapping tablet that utilizes sensors so users can see any area in 3-D. The development kit for Project Tango, which was only available in the US, is now available in the UK. Established in 2014, Project Tango was a tool created for showing the world in 3-D. The benefits of this innovative tool include developing virtual reality games, indoor mapping, and assisting blind people with navigation.

Similar to an Android Tablet, Project Tango combines a wide-angle camera with a regular 4-megapixel camera, infrared meter, and infrared camera to sense depth. The optical part of the tool boasts an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a GPS, and a barometer. The main feature of Project Tango is to build a 3-D map of any indoor area quickly and accurately. The ability to accomplish this feat is so brilliant of a tool that is sold at an affordable price.


Image credit: Mashable
Image credit: Mashable

One of the few feats that the Project Tango can’t accomplish is to make a 3-D image of a small object, like a cup, because the resolution is too low. However, it can scan a store or shop, showing where every item is situated. Project Tango memorizes the locations it has visited, and provides the user with the right map when it recognizes the setting.

Moreover, users are able to mix scanned locations with augmented reality. For example, an individual can see what a new bedroom set will look like in their existing bedroom before purchasing it. This has the potential to save consumers a lot of time and money.


Project Tango can transform any location into a video game. It was tested in several rooms, supplied with smashing zombies and killing robots. Testers of the tool found the experience enjoyable, although the interface isn’t exactly immersive.

Overall, while there are still some kinks to be worked out, Project Tango is a product with plenty of potential, thanks to its ability to create imaginative reinterpretations. Presently, Google is working NASA to find out if Project Tango can help with constructing space-based robot assistants. With this level of advancement, the lists of its functions will continue to expand.


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