Over 43% School going Children use Phones for Internet Access

A recent study revealed that almost 43% of children going to school utilize their mobile to get access to the Internet. Hence, mobile phones topped the list of mediums to access Internet followed by laptops, then desktops and then the tablets.

The report further showed and exposed various calculations. According to the report, 98.9% of children in urban areas use mobile phones to access the Internet. On the other hand, the number is 49.5% in rural areas. When a detailed analysis was done, it was found that these children use Internet to access social media platform—Facebook. The list also included WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. This study was conducted by Boston Consulting Group.

The same group, in 2014, mentioned that children in India were at risk due to towering access of Internet. The main reason was affordable and cheap data plans and smartphones, lack of knowledge among the parents, and others. Hence, children did not have any safeguards against cyber and online threats.

The report of the recent study also showed that more than 35% of children’s account was hacked. 15.74% of children experienced inappropriate messages. 10.41% children faced humiliation through images and videos uploaded on the Internet. 15% of children complained about being bullied online.

Well, this is a matter of great concern. Children should be restricted from using Internet at very small age. It is the duty of smart and caring parents to look after their child. We hope you are doing the same to protect your children from cyber threats. Are you?

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