Amazon introduces selfie camera–Eco Look to tell you what suits you better

 The blend of virtual reality and machine learning in a single device does a magic for the user. In our day-to-day life, we need someone to tell us how the dressing combination is and which color goes well, especially women. To eliminate the need of humans for judging the clothing sense, Amazon secretly revealed Echo Look, a new voice-activated selfie camera, as a competent companion that enables Amazon’s Alexa to give you advice related to fashion and apparels selection.

A capsule shaped camera has four LEDs for lighting, a microphone to fetch commands, and depth sensing system similar to Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot powered by Alexa. It can be kept in your wardrobe or dressing table so that it precisely visualizes your apparels and you. For now, the device is only available in the U.S. for $200. It comes with a self-armed stand to make it rest firm while in action.
The camera utilizes depth information to create “computer-based vision in the form of blurred backgrounds so that you can get an actual view of your full-length selfies. The device can also record video to give someone your glance in best clothes.
Amazon’s machine learning system installed in the camera will also present a fair comparison of photos in different outfits and help you decide what looks great for that moment.

The company said, Echo Look’s companion app enables you to see yourself from every angle as well as it also has a feature to save your images in the lookbook. The user can submit two photos for fashion expert’s opinion based on an outfit, styling, color, and trending fashion.

The company claims that the fashion advice feature of Echo Look will get more enhanced after more fashion advisors pitch in. The device also enables the user to ask questions, play music, set alarms, news headlines, and other capabilities that Alexa normally performs.
It cannot be assumed how the device would perform in the market since installing an internet-connected device in the personal spaces may restrain the purchasing thoughts of the buyers for this device. On the other hand, the number of the selfie-obsessed users isn’t less in the world due to which there might be some potential buyers for this device.

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