95% engineers in India unfit for coding jobs

95% engineers in India unfit for coding jobs

According to a research by Aspiring Minds, an employability assessment company, 95% of engineers in the country are not fit for jobs that involve coding. Due to the lack of talent in data science and IT, most of them are not fit to follow any jobs related to software development, as per the report by this research.

95% engineers in India unfit for coding jobs

The report from the study further sums that a meager 4.77% of applicants have the capacity of writing the right code for a program, which seems to be the fundamental necessity of any job related to programming. Almost 36,000 students from IT-related engineering branches of more than 500 colleges took Automata, an assessment of software development skills based on machine learning, and over 67% could not still inscribe right code that runs.

While over 67% of students were not able to write the correct code that runs, only 1.4% can give a functionally efficient and correct code. Varun Aggarwal, CTO and Co-founder of Aspiring Minds claimed, “Scarcity of programming skills is unfavorably hampering the data science and IT industry in the country. The globe is marching forward making the programming language familiar to three-year-old kids! India requires serious coming up and being parallel with this situation.”

This shortage is associated to the breach in educational ways, like the extensive use of rote learning as countered to the realistic use of concept. The shortage of fine educators for programming is an additional factor, the report states. Programming skills are claimed to be 5 times poorer for colleges falling in tier-III than colleges falling in tier-I.

69% of student from the leading 100 colleges are intelligent enough to write a run-able code versus remaining colleges where only 31% are smart enough to write a run-able code, said the report. Revealing the tradition of engineering in India, the report also discusses about the delusions of engineering and why the youngsters go after this field.

Well, this is matter of great concern as to how India is not capable of surviving in the IT sector. This needs to be changed as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions, please do let us know.

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