A transparent picture of the Mother’s Day: actuality vs. probability

Home is incomplete without pure and unconditional soul—Mother. Mother is the personality full of affection, limitless love, and an inspiration that don’t have to pursue a degree, to manage things. She keeps her patience level high knowing the fact that things aren’t going to be in favor every time.
We take birth from her womb, and right from there the kicking session starts. Thus the only difference is when a baby kicks in the stomach she experiences a great pain but expresses it with a cute smile of satisfaction. But, when the same kid grows young and doesn’t even care about her existence in his life, mother only sheds a tear with an assumption that he/she might have some serious problem that is more important than her, and degrades her level of priority without any condition; and why she does it? The answer is, just because of her unconditional love.

We, many of the time, decide to celebrate the day that is so-called Mother’s day with loads of gifts and parties; but have you ever thought if the lady really needs those materialistic gifts that are just going to exist for some moments. Try to understand folks; why there has to be a specific day to express how much you love or to show gratitude? Why cannot you be thankful for the great celebrity known as mom who is striving hard every second and minute to make your life smooth?

Nowadays, what we do is purchase a card scribbled with “love you mom” and simply present her with a gift, as it is very simple to do and doesn’t take much efforts too. In this case, did you forget the late night teachings of the mother, who was awake with you before your exams and taught you how to write?
The only thing we meant to say is, take down a paper and write how much you love your mother, how special she is, and what you feel from the core of your heart. This will be the world’s precious gift for her.
So make your mother proud by making her realize how special she is.

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