Access one-hand functionality on iPhones

The term ‘bigger the better’ has proven to be very cool for the smartphone industry. Most of the smartphones have a screen that is bigger than 5 inches. Well, Apple also has joined the hands in this trend. The company earlier used to make only medium-sized smartphones that were 4 inches to 4.7 inches in size. But the company has started making big screen smartphones since the launch of iPhone 6.

Even though having a big phone is handy and useful, it might be sometimes irritating. The Android smartphones are easier to handle than the iPhone since they have a back button separately present next to the home button. But this is not the case with the iPhones. iPhones do have a back. User needs to click on the back or cancel that is present at the top right corner of the screen. While doing so, our thumb won’t reach the button and we might end up either using or both hands or dropping down the iPhone.

Keeping this problem in mind, the company introduced a new feature that allowed the users to use their big screen iPhones with a single hand—Reachability.

What is Reachability?

As discussed above, Reachability is used to ease your experience of using a big screen iPhone. The feature helps you to use the big screen iPhones with a single hand.

How to enable this feature?

Go to Home page. Tap the Settings option. Once you enter the Settings, scroll down to click General. Clicking on General will lead you to a new screen. Scroll down to screen and click on the Accessibility. Tap on the Reachability icon.

This will enable the feature. To use this feature, double tap the home button. This will bring down your screen. Note that you should tap the home button and press it. Pressing the button will toggle between the apps.

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