Rocket Skates on Shark Tank Season 7 Premier

“Step into a pair of rocket skates and you can go anywhere at any time.” This is the tag line of Acton owner and inventor of Rocket Skates, as featured on Season 7 Episode 1 of Shark Tank.

Of course, riding in style will cost you, with the Rocket Skates priced between $499 to $699 per pair, depending upon how far you would like to be able to ride before needing to recharge.

While Actons owners are sure that they have an undeniable commercial success on their hands, it’s hard to see Rocket Skates landing coveted real estate in big box retail stores at such a premium price point. Stores like Walmart thrive on carrying the best products they can at the lowest prices possible. There simply isn’t room for $599 recreational consumer tech in that overall pricing model.

Image credit: Acton Global

Image credit: Acton Global

The fact of the matter is, personal transportation is going to become a growing market and it may be only a matter of time before other competitors get into the space, driving the price down so that a store like Target could realistically carry this type of product.

Acton’s owners are claiming that Rocket Skates are doing well however it could simply be a matter of too new technology, too soon and for far too much. The Shark Tank seemed to reflect these sentiments with nobody taking the bait.

Acton’s owners did not seem phased, however they may have passed up a great opportunity to partner with exactly the type of funding source that would have helped them get their prices down to a more consumer-centric range. If you missed the Season 7 Premier of Shark Tank, you can learn more about Rocket Skates on Acton’s website at

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