Amazon Will Now Pay Drivers to Deliver Parcels to Neighbors

Amazon, the online shopping giant, has launched a new parcel delivery service that gives drivers the chance to earn a commission by delivering products to customers across the United States. Amazon reports that the qualifying drivers can make $18 to $25 per hour working part-time delivering to neighbors the goods they ordered from the online shop.

The service, known as Amazon Flex, is now available in Seattle, but will soon expand to another nine US cities, including New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Dallas, and Austin. The gig economy service will also be available in Portland, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Atlanta.

The innovative parcel service that goes by the slogan “Deliver Smiles” and “Be Your Own Boss” allows the participating drivers to set their delivery schedule and to choose two, four, or eight hour long work shifts.

Image Credit: NY Times

Image Credit: NY Times

To participate in Amazon Flex, the driver must be at least 21 years old, have a car, and a valid driver’s license. The company will also require you to have an Android phone and for the participant to pass a background test for you to get access to the platform app and the chance to deliver.

Amazon Flex is similar to Uber, Instacart, and TaskRabbit, in which independent contractors collect wares from regional godowns for delivery to the customers’ doorsteps. The program, while enlisting drivers in the Amazon product distribution network, is an ingenious way for you to pick your van keys, run errands, and get paid for your effort. Eventually, the e-commerce giant plans to have the average consumer earn cash by collecting packages at designated retail locations and droping them off to customers in an online shopping delivery network.

With the vision to bring in as many third party same-day delivery agents, including bike owners, in the future, the internet mega retailer’s plan is to offer a hassle-free online shopping experience. Amazon has even talked about rolling out a fleet of drones to carry products as part of its plan to deliver products fast and conveniently. For now, the Amazon Flex program is an all systems go program with several pick-up centers having been set up in various locations across the States. The Amazon online shoppers can opt to have their parcels shipped to any of these pick-up centers for delivery by local drivers.

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