Annoying Things About Smartphones

Even though smartphones are developed for the benefit of mankind, there are just some annoying things it does. Originally, smartphones do their job of easing the life of humans. But while doing this, they unwantedly end up frustrating us. Here is the list of things that the smartphones does which annoys the users.


Popping up of notifications can be sometimes irritating. Well, for instance, if you have a number of gadgets such as tablet, smartphones, and laptop, you will be signed in by a same account of Facebook, Twitter, and many others on these devices. Now, if a notifications pops up, consider the time you need to spend on these devices to append the notification settings.


With multiple smartphones, come multiple chargers. If you own an iPhone you will need a lightning cable. On the other hand, most of the smartphones work on USB C. In addition to this, many others still use micro USB. This is quite frustrating.

Design and display

There was a time when a couple of flagship smartphones had a curved display. But nowadays, almost each and every smartphone has a curved screen. And most of the users don’t find it handy. Also the design for each smartphone is almost the same. Earlier, handsets used to come in different designs making them unique. We guess that we are running out of ideas for the designs of smartphones.

Well, even though these elements are annoying, the human tendency still utilizes the smartphones owing to the factor that our lives revolve around them.

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