Apple’s iOS 9 Reportedly Causing Apps to Crash

There are some really nifty features on Apple’s iOS 9 the latest version of Apple’s software for iPhones and iPads. Reportedly there are also issues that have consumers wishing iOS 8 was still around.

It is not uncommon for news software to cause issues and this marks the second release in a row for Apple that is getting attention for all the wrong reasons. Apple’s iOS 8 update last year, caused certain devices to experience buggy Wi-Fi and decreased battery life.

ios9“The big picture here though is that this is the standard environment for a new operating system launch,” said Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. “There are always going to be a spectrum of bugs but they should be solved within a few days.”

Apple Insider is featuring a fix a “Slide to Upgrade” screen that appears after installing the new operating system. Really guys?

I tend to disregard tech news like this as almost always the manufacturer, in this case Apple irons out the kinks, but this evening a dinner my iPhone 6 Plus froze on a screen i have never seen before. A hard reboot fixed the problem. I mentioned to my wife, Apple will put have a fix for this on a few days, they always do. That does not make the situation any less frustrating,

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