Bentley Unveils World’s Fastest Luxury Car

Bentley Unveils World’s Fastest Luxury Car

Nowadays, the majority of carmakers are engaged in developing and testing future-based vehicles that will be operational with low human efforts or fully autonomous driving. But the fact is—humans love driving cars. If, in future, man-driven cars will be operated by the machines, will they be included in the car race, F1 race, and many other such races?

People out there have goals, including car, which they strive to achieve. Similarly, fast cars will not be ended due to enthusiastic drivers and individuals, thus, adding more thrills to their driving experience.

One of the royal and prestigious car makers, Bentley, has revealed world’s fastest car in four-seating car category. The new Continental Supersports has top speed of 336 km/h and goes 0–100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds.

The engine of Bentley car is equipped with high-performance turbos and engine hardware along with torque vectoring system. Similarly, it’s newly revised in and out shape explains it athletic appearance with potential performance.

The advanced braking system works dynamically that is assembled at front and rear wheel which results in increased performance while acceleration.

The vehicle that is built with torque boosting system produces 1017 nm of torque which makes the Continental Supersports speed up like a jet.

Car interior is designed with trio-color combination for the fabrics, consoles, and the dashboard fitments. The optional spoilers, front and rear bumpers along with black front wing vents, and a new gloss-black rifle-shaped exhaust tailpipe design signifies its sporting characteristics very keenly.

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