Beware: Most Dangerous Virus Out There

Beware: Most Dangerous Virus Out There

Virus in general is that bacteria that causes harm to the human body. Similarly, computer virus is nothing but a code that can harm your computer. Most of the viruses are not so complicated and are detected and deleted by the antivirus itself. But some of them are too dangerous. BEWARE!!! These dangerous viruses can completely damage your OS and make your PCs useless. They can also get your sensitive data. Here are some dangerous viruses that you should look out for.

Beware: Most Dangerous Virus Out There

Code Red

This is a worm that was developed to spread without any human intervention and float around the web in July 2001. The virus tends to overload your machine with baloney data thus making it slow. This attack is called as buffer overflow.

Storm Worm

It is known to be one of the most dangerous viruses of all due to the chaos it created back in 2007. The virus affected more than a million computers. Basically it is a backdoor Trojan Horse and is known by other names such as CME-711, Small.dam, and Trojan.Peacomm.


Rootkit is a malware that acts very smart. It provides vital execution to hide its operations. In addition to this, it enables other malwares and viruses to hide in plain sight by making them see as a necessary file. Thus your antivirus is not able to scan them too.

Well friends, now that you are aware of these dangerous viruses, beware of them. Look out for them and also spread the word if you want to prevent the loss that they cause.

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