Can Technology Help Curb Gun Crimes In Chicago?

Can Technology Help Curb Gun Crimes In Chicago?

After the president elections, the hunt for solutions to stop the increasing gun crimes has been taken as a major priority. Chicago is known as one of the regions with the highest criminal records. In order to keep a tight control on the gun crimes, Chicago has spent about the $1 Million on the ShotSpotter, which is installing a number of sensors in the highly crime prone areas. The sensors on activation send an information regarding the location of the shot been fired through a smartphone app to the nearest police officer.

Can Technology Help Curb Gun Crimes In Chicago?

Most of the cities seemed not interested in the technology because according to them spending the amount spent on the installation for other purposes will be more fruitful. However, according to the safety-related officials, the technology will help curb the crime rate.

After the system installations, the crime rate has already shown a drastic reduction by 35%. The crimes are mainly performed by the gangster members on the basis of their rivalry. After the technology installation, there is a rise in the police outlook towards gun crimes which in turn has resulted in a concern among the criminals and they have reduced performing such crimes. The solution for reducing the violence rate is to de-normalize it totally.

Chicago has spent $2 Million on a predictive policing algorithm developed by the Illinois Institute of Technology. The system helped the police create a list full of people who are likely to be killed or rather killed. The prediction model results are considered to be slightly skeptical.

A software known as Beware had also been developed. The technology color codes the people’s threat level as green, yellow, and red based on the address-specific data and individuals public posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Due to the software’s bane, it was discarded and not renewed as well.

The technologies mentioned above are a great solution but they require high investments and change in certain social policies. However, it is we who have to decide what is best for our safety in the city. If it’s technology, then be it.

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