China Bans Sharing of ‘Unofficial’ Videos on Social Media


China has become more cautious than before. Recently with the ban of more than hundreds of porn sites, it indicated that the Government of China is taking steps for cyber security and against cyber crime. Now, China has prohibited sharing unofficial videos on social media. Unofficial videos are those videos that do not have any official source. This was recently claimed by the Government of China.

The State Administration of Publication, Press, Film, Radio, and Television of China mentioned that Chinese social media platforms Weibo and WeChat were prohibited to broadcast user-generated videos or audios about ongoing events. This was declared in the notice provided by the Government of China.

The administration favors to have attention on superior sites, where it has larger wave. There has also been a blast of live-streaming websites in past years, and the administration is eager to restraint them in and emphasize control on them.

The information landed silently between Internet users of China, with only a few conferring the fresh rules on Weibo, numerous apparently reconciled to increasing restriction.

Well, with this huge decision, the users of China will explode with rage. Even though the users are calmed now, it will be matter of time to make them rage with fire. If the government keeps on taking such decisions, then the day will be no longer far when the population will give a blow out. On the other hand, this decision seems to be right in their own way and for cyber security. What do you think about this situation?

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