Chrome Develops an Extension That Redirects You from 404 Error Pages

Do you get irritated when you see your expected web page showing “404 Error”? Yes, we know that everyone who uses the Internet had once in a while witnessed this error. This scenario arises due to change in the structure of the website. This development in the UI or content sometimes breaks the links. It is often seen that today we see the web page and next day it just gets vanished.

Chrome Develops an Extension That Redirects You from 404 Error Pages
Since many decades, we have been using Internet Archives Wayback Machine to catch the missing web page. This feature has been engaged with snapshots of the error page and allows the common people reverse the action and access the page. Till date, we have been working with this internet time machine.
The Wayback Machine Chrome extension developed will now ease the user’s experience for displaying the 404 error page without changing or refreshing tabs. The feature works very smartly. When you see an error on your screen, the extension automatically confirms if there is any other version of the page. If it finds one, it will promptly notify about the permission to direct you to the new version of that page.

In the past years, several efforts were made to create something similar to this extension. Thanks to the Internet Archive that appreciably took the task and came up with a productive result.
The most interesting fact is that it came up with their fruitful output just before when Firefox was also working on the similar concept.

The only question that comes to our mind is—What took it so long?

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