Defense Distributed 3D Printed Gun Successfully Fired in U.S.

After almost a year of planning, Defense Distributed has successfully created the World’s first gun made from 3D printer technology. The gun was successfully tested and fired on Saturday at a shooting range in Austin, Texas. Despite heavy criticism and heated controversy on behalf of anti-gun lobbyists, the company plans to move forward in making the blueprints for this design available online.

The completion of this user friendly and cost effective technology has law enforcement agencies and cybercrime units up in arms. Law enforcement agencies are expected to heavily monitor developments due to concern regarding availability of this technology to present criminals who already abuse the system. Initial concern regarding this technology was originally downplayed as most people didn’t expect that this could be done.

Image credit: BBC

Image credit: BBC

Despite skepticism, the gun was successfully completed and fired utilizing a 3D printer purchased online for $8,000. The technology involves using layers of material to build more complex, solid objects. The goal behind this technology is to eliminate the need for buying goods and replacing it with a computer designed to print the items out at home. Mr. Wilson, who successfully designed this gun, was able to obtain an ATF permit for the development and completion of this project. According to the ATF, it is legal for an individual to manufacture a firearm for personal use, barring it is not sold or manufactured.

Lobbyists and gun control activists are very concerned about the development of this gun, citing the danger it presents should the weapon fall into the wrong hands. With the recent Sandy Hook shootings, the desire to tighten gun laws are higher than ever before, resulting in the creation of cybercrime and emerging technology task forces within law enforcement agencies. Despite the continued criticism, supporters of this technology firmly believe that by staying ahead of technology, we stay ahead of crime.

Although controversy remains and law enforcement is on heavy alert, the production of this technology has not been halted, and it continues to be available to citizens today. This new 3D printing technology is being called the future of manufacturing, which is only projected to increase as printers become cheaper.


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