Dunkin’ Donuts, IHOP and More Mock McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast

After years of customers making the request, McDonald’s has finally done it. On Tuesday, McDonald’s announced that it is now offering breakfast foods all day long. Loyal customers of the fast-food giant have expressed excitement over the news. Some of McDonald’s competitors, however, are not as impressed.

Representatives for IHOP, Waffle House, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Carl’s Jr. have all taken to social media to poke fun at McDonald’s for finally offering all-day breakfast, something many of these restaurants have already been doing for years.

Competitors Take to Twitter

Following the breakfast announcement by McDonald’s on Tuesday, competitors took to Twitter to mock the burger restaurant. IHOP posted several feisty tweets that resulted in the creation of a new hashtag, #breakfastbeef. IHOP’s first tweet read, “But why is everyone jockin us? Breakfast all day since the day we were born #Flex.” A second tweet read, “In other news…we’ve always had all-day breakfast,” while a later tweet said, “Fast food doesn’t stack up to a full breakfast #JigsUp.”

mcdonalds-breakfastIHOP wasn’t the only rival on Twitter making fun of McDonald’s. Waffle House tweeted the following: “#alldayallday #since1955 #backtoback.” Dunkin’ Donuts added, “Breakfast time, all the time. 🙂 #BreafastWhenevs.” Denny’s even joined the conversation, tweeting “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 😉 #AllDayBreakfast.” Tweets on the topic were not limited solely to restaurants. Convenience store chain 7-Eleven jumped into the mix with the comment, “We LOVE the idea of #alldaybreakfast. It may have even been ours.”

Sales Are at the Bottom Line of these Breakfast Wars

All the tweets over McDonald’s announcement made for some lively banter on Twitter, with the different breakfast rivals each displaying confidence in their extensive breakfast menus. However, it is possible that McDonald’s addition of all-day breakfast is making some of its competitors nervous. According to the research firm Technomic, McDonald’s restaurants were responsible for one-third of the $34.5 billion in fast-food breakfast sales last year. Now that the restaurant chain is serving breakfast all day, they pose an even bigger threat to the competition.

All the tweeting between breakfast rivals was capped off with a comment from a fellow burger joint that does not serve breakfast. A humorous tweet from Carl’s Jr. read, “Breakfast all day? We’ve got burgers all day. “DoubleWesternBacon #AllDay Burgers.” In McDonald’s defense, it now serves both breakfast and burgers all day.

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