Electric Shocks Set To Enhance Your Running Skills

Electric Shocks Set To Enhance Your Running Skills

Can you improve your running techniques by using electric pulses? The question itself may flabbergast you. However, it is true; currently, electric shocks are being used to improve or change your running style. It may seem tricky that a jolt of electric power can help you speed up.

Electric Shocks Set To Enhance Your Running Skills

FootStriker is the new device designed to help the runners land their feet at the right angle by supplying a shock of electrical muscle stimulation. This slight shock can improvise the running style of the recreational runners in the coming years. When the techniques of a recreational and professional runner are compared, the recreational individual lands first on his heel whereas a professional one lands feet first. The improper landing techniques may lead to serious injuries. Hence, there comes the need for FootStriker.

For keeping a track on which foot lands first, the FootStriker uses the pressure sensors that are placed inside the shoe insole. In case if a bad or erroneous step is measured the pad placed on the calf is activated, which then gives out electric muscle stimulation signals. The slight blast of electric current is enough to correct the landing technique in the next step.

The device has been tested on a number of runners and the results obtained showed 95% correction in the running techniques along with a great improvisation in the speed. The use of the new technology helped change the heel to the fore-feet landing that led to a reduction in the injury rate. Not only running but also other repeatable movement-related sports can benefit a lot from the FootStriker.

The recreational runners are always left thinking “how do the runners run so fast?” Don’t they get injured? So, here is where the excellent coaching and running skills come into play. And the new device helps excel the skills like how a trainer would do. Thus, this running technology is anticipated to outdo the tracking and monitoring features of the conventional ones.

Though bringing about a change in the bad habits inculcated over the year is impossible, this running technology can be the right answer for it.

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