greenhouse gas

Electricity Costs Will Escalate In a Warming World

Have you imagined about living in a warm environment without energy supply? We cannot imagine about it. But due to the greenhouse gas, the temperature across the globe is expected to rise higher. The rise in the temperature is going to directly benefit the power generation market and indeed the electricity costs are going shot up rocket high. The major concern is high expenditure regarding the storage or power generation by the power plants or the futuristic power storage systems.

 greenhouse gas

If we look at our bills, the highest is during the summers; so imagine having a warmer climate throughout the year. The use of the power supply to run the coolers and ACs is high in the summers. Even if a new system is developed “can it handle the maximum usage” is the big question.

According to the researchers at the University of Michigan, the rising carbon emission is going result in a drastic change in the temperature across different regions, which in turn will increase the electricity cost. Therefore, the stabilization in the emission is a must by using environment-friendly systems. The use of solar and wind power can also help on a large scale but due to the temperature changes, certain technological drawbacks, and cost, these measures can plummet its utilization. The research for the development of advanced storage devices is still on.

Here, the researchers are not predicting that this is going to be the future panorama but what if the temperature change actually occurs then how are the grid-scale storage devices going to handle it?

Thus, keep the emission in control or we’ll have to pay a huge amount.

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