Facebook Barges into the Blogging Foray with Updated Notes

Facebook has officially rolled out an update to its old and almost forgotten Notes tool in a bid to take control of the publishing industry. The new Notes tool offers a range of new features designed to take on the market leaders such as Medium, but in a subtle way. The new Notes features cover images, resizable images, caption capabilities, bullet points, headers, and block quotes, among others.

For over half a decade, Facebook has kept its bare-bones Notes blogging tool locked up in the basement as it focused on dominating the news and social sharing platforms. Notes was launched back in 2006 as a simple tool that Facebookers can jot updates that were too long to fit in a status update. In 2011 when Timeline was launched, Notes was buried so deep on the new Facebook’s interface that it seemed the company did not want to deal in notes anymore. It was at this point that Medium emerged as a better alternative.

Silicon Beat

Silicon Beat

Medium is the most popular tool for infrequent and hobbyist bloggers. Since it was launched in 2012, the platform has gained steam to become the top blogging platform for all kinds of publishers—individual journalistic experiments to touchy community responses. Tumblr, on the other hand, has matured to become a platform for scene kids to share GIFs and a handful of legitimate blogs under Yahoo, its new owner.

Facebook has woken up to a new reality—that content is still king, and social sharing is better off when you have a dynamic and simplistic blog under your garage. It appears that Facebook did not want to set up an entirely new website dedicated to blogging, and instead chose to upgrade its simple Notes tool. With it, you can now:

  • Make simple notes that don’t need to be shared on your timeline.
  • Amplify your notes enough to place in the News Feed, taking advantage of your Facebook connections to reach a wide audience for your blog.
  • Design classy and professional notes that can pass off as full-fledged blog posts.
  • Use a dynamic blogging platform to promote products, ideas, or your company with simplified notes.

The new Notes feature on Facebook is certainly comprehensive and dynamic enough for both blogging noobs and seasoned content creators. The real question is: Is Facebook willing to invest its power to making it dethrone the established blogging platforms?

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