Facebook Starts Letting You Add a 7-Second Looping Video as a Profile Pic

Popular social networking platform Facebook has announced plans to add five big changes to user profiles. These changes are projected to keep Facebook current through the addition of more visually appealing profiles. Additionally, these profile changes will ensure the social network remains a step ahead of competitors Twitter and Snapchat. These projected changes are expected to begin testing phases immediately.

Facebook is expected to make the following changes: an option to tag featured photos, an addition of temporary profile pics, a newly designed about info page to include a new bio section, centered profile pictures to include larger sections for photos and friends, and of particular interest, the ability to add a 7-second looping video as your profile pic.

With profiles receiving nearly 4 billion views a day, Facebook is introducing these changes in an effort to ensure the profile is the epicenter of a user’s web presence. This new profile enables people to represent themselves with specific attention to photographs and biographical information. By placing biographical information front and center, users are encouraged to update profiles, which in turn benefits the advertising engine.

Image credit: Tech Crunch

Image credit: Tech Crunchfacebo

One of the exiting new developments includes a 7-second recorded loop video as an option for profile pictures. Users will soon be able to bring new life to profile pictures by clicking on their profile picture and recording a video. In addition to the introduction of an interactive component, this new feature will foster creativity from the user.

The next big change to your Facebook profile involves a new featured photo option. Users will be able to select up to five featured photographs which will be applied at the top of profiles. These featured photos differ from your profile pictures but allow a “sneak peek” into your life for those submitting friend requests.

For those who utilize the site as a platform for the promotion of a particular cause, Facebook is introducing the temporary profile picture feature. This new feature will allow users to change their profile pictures for a short amount of time prior to it reverting to the original photograph.

These exciting new profile changes are projected to begin testing immediately. Along with these new features, privacy controls and a newly revamped mobile design are set to make an appearance to your profile.

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