Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, John Tsang Resigns

Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, John Tsang Resigns

Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, John Tsang Resigns

In our professional careers, many of us have resigned for our personal reasons, boss issues, unsatisfactory appreciation, and so on. But one of the major reasons is the better opportunities.

Now the question is: Why a nation’s finance secretary resigns for another job?

Yes, it has happened. John Tsang, Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary, has put down the papers on Monday. It has been in talks since months that Tsang is in intention to join the race for achieving the job of Chief Executive of Financial Hub.

The authorities have submitted the resignation to the Central Government and to the Finance Secretary. For now, Chan Ka-Keung would be the replacement for the financial secretary position.

The former finance secretary didn’t announce about the plans related to the Chief Executive elections.

John Tsang has completed his education in the US and is also a martial arts fanatic. He was also a former finance minister of British Colonies in 2007.

Leung as a person holding the seat of finance secretary and Leung as a person after resignation has been known as strict and hard faced. Tsang has maintained a healthy relation with its gentle qualities among the people due to continuous communication with people. However, Tsang has been well known among the Beijing’s Communist Party leaders.

Thus, candidates for chief executive will be evaluated by a huge election committee that will be appointed on Sunday.

Under Tsang influence, the economy was developed at constant rate. Numerically, there is a surplus gained every year. The surplus gained last year was about HK$14.4 Billion (US$1.86 Billion).

The race for finance chief executive also comprises some other major players like retired judge Woo Kwok-Hing, former security chief Regina Ip, Hong Kong’s chief secretary Carrie Lam.

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