The Flickering Light can Heal the Alzheimer’s

The Flickering Light can Heal the Alzheimer’s

The Flickering Light can Heal the Alzheimer’s

The inventions of light brought an evolution in the world which converted the dark world into bright .The lights have been lighting up not only our homes, now, but also the brain of Alzheimer’s patient―Yes it is true!!

A flash of light can be the cure for Alzheimer’s, says the research based on mice trials.

A team of US scientists from Massachusetts focused lights into the mice eyes, resulting to activate the defensive cell that eats up the harmful proteins that are present in the brain containing this dementia.

The Alzheimer’s disease forms a beta amyloid protein and combines to form sticky plaques, which later kills the nerve cell and memory loss.

The procedure was to flash the strobe of light at the rate of 40 per second by using a distinctive flicker.

The mice used for the research were already hereditary plotted to have Alzheimer-like deficiency. When the lights were flashed in front of the rodent, it was observed that amyloid protein was decreased from 12 to 24 time span.

After the successful result of the research on mice, the scientists are heading towards the next step of implementing the test on humans. For which, they have been already in process to pursue the permission from the US authorities and from food and drugs management.

The researchers predicted that, in future, the Alzheimer’s patient will be placed and equipped with devices probing light for the therapy.

Science has always been working to make a better future for us to live in. Let’s see how helpful this new research will be.

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