Future smartphones can shoot slow-mo videos 1000fps

Technology is advancing day by day. It has created miracles every day since the beginning of the mankind. Whether it is the invention of fire and wheel or the launch of the latest smartphone, technology has always played a significant role in these inventions. From the stone age period to the modern age period, it is technology that has been a common element.

One of the bets invention and technological advancement that the mankind is witnessing in today’s era is smartphone. Smartphones have changed the world completely. They are capable to replace any object or any device. One major device that they have replaced successfully is the cameras. Even though the DSLR cameras are somewhat in trend, we cannot ignore the fact that the smartphones are giving a tough competition to them.

According to a research, the future smartphones are estimated to record the video in ultra slow-mo mode with a rate of 1000fps. Yes!!! You heard it right!!! 1000 it is!!!! The current trending iPhone 7 Plus can do the same task with a rate of 120fps. It is capable of recording the video with a quality of 1080p. The same is the case with the Google Pixel. Shockingly, the Samsung Galaxy S7 does the same job with a rate of 60fps.

This slow-mo video recording task is undertaken by the well known and popular tech giant Sony. So friends, do not be shocked if you see such smartphone in future. Also, do not keep false hopes of seeing such smartphone in the upcoming MWC 2017.

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