GoDaddy brings “Website Builder for SME’s in India

GoDaddy brings “Website Builder for SME’s in India

India is the country where the number of small scale industries is high than the business giants. The small organizations, enterprises, and industries lack to reap the benefits of business in terms of revenue owing to the low exposure of their business and product in the market.

This gap was identified by the renowned web hosting organization–GoDaddy due to which company has introduced a “Website Builder” that can bring the small entrepreneurs and organization into the limelight and help them to flourish their business ventures. The new feature comes with an integrated package of tools that can ease the web development process for the small business owners. This feature always helps to create viewers for their business and fetch traffic for their website.
Executive Vice President of GoDaddy, Andrew Low Ah Kee stated that Outside USA India is our biggest market and company has made some major investments that helped us to onboard about 7,50,000 users in India.

As per analysis was done by the company, he claimed that 34 million small enterprises are still operated offline in India, and this new feature is designed with a motive to serve this small business to make their proficient identity.
‘Website builder’ is well designed with an integration of efficient marketing features that will help the small business to boost up their Google ranking and expand their business profile and product through email marketing.

GoDaddy has also introduced a newly designed marketing campaign that is more emphasized on educating the business owners about the value of being live on the internet and promotes their business services and products by skipping the traditional marketing techniques.
Website Builder is created by machine learning and algorithm that assist customers with constant updates and to do progress in the business.
The packages are divided into 4 different types which also has a free trial month in the package.

The package costing is:

  • Personal – Rs99/month
  • Business – Rs 479/month
  • Business Plus – Rs 679/month
  • Online Store – Rs 999/month

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