Google Maps Now Available on the Apple Watch

Due to an update to the Google Map iOS app at the iTunes Store, Google now offers an Apple watch version of its popular mapping app. It is a simpler version in comparison to the Google Map application for smartphones. It is created to be a companion app to the more feature-rich smartphone counterpart.


You can tap buttons, promptly get routes to saved locations like home or work. If you own an iPhone and pull up directions on it, they are immediately linked to your Apple Watch so you can access them when you open the app on your watch. Furthermore, the app of your Apple Watch stores a list of your most recent routes.

Image credit: Tech Crunch

Image credit: Tech Crunch

On the downside, the Google Map app is limited on offering directions. Instead of a full-color map, you get blue directional arrows that show you which way to go, as well as providing the distance to the next turn. Still, it is worth noting because not only does it bring Google’s well-known and liked mapping application to Apple Watch owners, but it is only the second app Google has ever designed for a competing smartwatch.

Besides the Apple Watch support, you can compare ETAs by different modes of transportation, call businesses directly and get directions from a list of places, and a transit widget for the iOS Notification Center.


The first app Google designed for the Apple Watch was “Google News & Weather.” It received mixed reviews, with most users finding it just to just give the bare necessities. On the other hand, the reviews for the Google Map app are much stronger. Even though it still feels like it is in the developmental stage, Apple Watch owners are finding this app more appealing than the first one.

By introducing the Google Map app for Apple Watch, it seems like Google is taking the huge platform that Apple has quite seriously. This could mean that there may be more Google apps in the future for Apple Watch owners, such as top apps like Google Mail and Hangouts.

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