Google Wallet Getting Replaced With Android Pay

The tech giant Google has created a new app called Android Pay to take over the existing Google Wallet app. For most people with a Android smart phone, purchasing a premium app or a service from Android Play is as simple as it was accessing your Google Wallet when prompted from the checkout.

The overall feel and look of the new app has changed to a more crisp green with the word ‘Pay’ being highlighted. Many users have begun switching over, and at the time of writing this there are 10 million installs showing up in the Google Play store. Whether Google made these major changes based on the current branding of the Apple Pay system or because the new name offers a wider reach for solutions in the online payment space is yet to be seen.

android pay

Some users that have made the switch have some complaints though, and one of the issues people are concerned about has to do with the fact that Pay has few bank partners. Others have complained about the inability to add their virtual card to the new app. From what it seems most people have had a seamless experience with Google Wallet and are not interested in installing a new app.

The obvious direction that Google is taking with the new Android Pay points to vendor payments as being the bread and butter of the service. Just like Apple Pay, card numbers are stored on each device allowing for financial institutions to directly authenticate payments. While most users might ask what is wrong with the current Google Wallet system, the effort to upgrade and integrate the standard for POS systems at retailers is Google’s aim. These advancements in technology are allowing for people to ditch their traditional wallets in exchange for a more digital experience.

It should be noted if you are thinking about upgrading to the new Android Pay system, to ensure that your Android device is running the latest 4.4 version of KitKat operating system, and that your device supports NFC hardware. For additional support you can view information at the official Android Pay webpage.

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