Greyball: Uber’s secret program to hunt regulators

Right now the online cab booking is something that is considered to be safe, cost-effective, and easy according to the masses present globally. The cab bookings done through Uber and other online transport-providing services are considered to be a craze among the public. For now, Uber is facing a lot of competition in certain regions from the other public transport services such as rickshaw or buses. Uber has thus come up with a solution for this problem.

The company has developed a new secret program called “Greyball” in order to get hold of the regulators trying to shut down the taxi-hailing service all around the world. The software developed help catch and identify the officials responsible for getting hold of the company drivers and not letting provide service in specific regions. According to the Uber officials, the company has already a number of competitors and also the government in its opposition due to the certain terms and conditions followed by the company. The new software program was developed for the cities where the company’s services and operations were denied in order to help secure its access there. The local officials or regulators wanted the company to follow the same terms and conditions during their service as wanted by the legislative body.

In order to make the identification of the rival regulators easier, the program helped identify the regulators by collecting their data at the exact location where the taxi has been booked and check it whether it matches with any government regulatory offices data. The program also checked the credit card information provided in order to check whether it coincided with any of the law enforcement institution or authority. Uber has taken a step further by keeping a check on whether there are certain smartphones purchased by the city officials for creating multiple accounts in order to get hold of their drivers by visiting a number of mobile phone shops.

There have been incidences where individuals use the fake version of the Uber app in order to trick the drivers as well as the customers by showing them through the app that the cab is on the way, but instead cancel it at the very last moment. This is ‘not legal’ is what the local officials say and the company need to get hold of such individuals as soon as possible. The company says that the program does not let such fraudulent users violate the terms of the company as it saves the drivers from physical harm.

Adding to the fire is the recent incident of Chief Executive Travis Kalanick of Uber. Looking at all this, Uber doesn’t seem to have a safe journey in the coming weeks.

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