Introducing Your Future Razor: The Bladeless Skarp Laser Razor

Are you tired of the pain and irritation caused by shaving with a blade? Even razors with two-to-five blades that claim to shave smoother and closer still have a high chance of leaving your face, underarms, legs, and anywhere else you shave with painful nicks and bumps.

Soon, you will be able to throw away your razor for good. Skarp’s designers guarantee no burns, no ill effects, and say it is safe for all skin types. You will never need to buy another disposable razor once the Skarp Razor comes to market!

It’s Science For Your Face!

Image credit: Gizmag

Image credit: Gizmag

When you think of shaving, you probably do not think of laser technology. Skarp is a different kind of razor, however, that uses finely tuned laser frequencies to literally replace your blades with a clean shave that never touches your skin. No contact means no shaving cuts and no embarrassing irritation. This razor works thanks to research that discovered certain chromosomes in human hair can be destroyed with a specific frequency of laser light, thus breaking or cutting the hair cleanly.

No high output laser power is needed, so there are zero risks to your skin. This discovery and subsequent Skarp prototype will bring the effectiveness and efficiency of cosmetic and medical lasers to the everyday shaving consumer. With a projected retail price of around $200.00 USD, it may seem like a steep purchase at first. When you consider the cost of the average disposable razor is $5.49, this laser razor can pay for itself in under one year, depending on how often you shave and the coarseness of your hair.

How You Can Reserve Your Skarp Razor

If you are interested in backing this project on Kickstarter, you can pledge just $159.00 and you will receive one of the first Skarp razors in production. All design, manufacturing, and FDA testing is expected to be completed in time for full production beginning in March of 2016. As of September, 2015, the project has already raised $160,000, so it is clear this is one razor men and women of the U.S. are highly interested in.

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