iPhone Connected BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer with HealthKit Support

The BACtrack Mobile Pro provides a police-level breathalyzer to analyze blood-alcohol content and deliver it wirelessly to your smartphone. This feature will quickly and accurately estimate your BAC, track the results over time, and provide you with an estimate of when your BAC will return to legal levels. Additional features include personalization features, connectivity through Bluetooth, and customized Apple health tools.

With the help of this mobile breathalyzer, you can now easily estimate your BAC, ensuring the safety and welfare of yourself and those around you. This new smartphone-enabled device is designed by BACtrack, a premier manufacturer of professional breathalyzers. Through the use of this app, users can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth®, allowing for the measuring of alcohol levels. It is not always easy to understand or estimate how alcohol affects the body, but with a little help from BACtrack, consumers are enabled to make safe, informed decisions.


Image credit: Apple Insider

The BACtrack for mobile phones is a compact handheld device offering compatibility with both iOS and Android smartphones. BACtrack includes a police-grade unit, three mouthpieces, a micro USB cable for charging, a user manual, and a carrying case. The device itself is small and can fit into most pockets or handbags. While the use of this device should never be used as justification for drinking and driving, the police-grade technology will provide an accurate BAC level.

The breathalyzer is compatible on the iPhone 6, older versions of iPhones, and iPad tablets. This smartphone integration utilizes an app which is synced to your phone, initializing immediately upon activation. After an initial warm-up period, the mobile device instructs users to inhale until a click is heard. Upon a successful completion and read of the user’s BAC, the software will analyze the results and offer information on the user’s state of intoxication, along with an estimate of when results should return to normal.

Along with this innovative software, users can utilize the HealthKit app to learn more information about how the body processes alcohol and determinants of time to sober estimates. The app will allow users to store BAC readings within the HealthKit app, which in turn enables further education on alcohol effects and BAC levels for the consumer.

The BACtrack mobile breathalyzer is one of the most trusted brands of breathalyzers available on the market and has been rated the #1 Breathalyzer by Car and Driver Magazine, in addition to its achieving awards from Popular Science, Good Design Australia, and the Edison Awards.

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