Kameron Lane Heady Football Throw

Kameron Lane Heady Hits Cop Car

The man identified as Kameron Lane Heady was slapped with a warrant via Gulf Shores Police department after his spring break outing at a beach in Alabama. The Facebook page managed by the police department shows Heady nailing a patrol vehicle with a football that was thrown over a crowd of beach-goers.

Kameron-Heady-High-FiveThe video went viral, and the police responded quickly showing the replay of the video along with a almost comical reply telling Kameron they know who he is and he can turn himself in.

In the video, Kameron appears to be pretty proud of his accomplished throw by high fiving what appears to be buddies immediately after the target was hit.

Social media has been blowing up over this story, and the video on the Gulf Shores Police department Facebook page has been viewed over 280,000 times since being posted. Most of the comment have been postive from residents, thanking the Police for keeping the beaches a safe place to bring their children.


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