Launch of Chime: Tough Competition to Skype by Amazon

World has reduced its circumference by advancing and doubling its technological routes of communication. Face-to- face communication can be accomplished by clicking a single button on your devices. The business world majorly operates on communication and without it, it would have been very critical to run the organization.

Looking forward , Amazon introduced its video conferencing and communication service named—Chime, which will be focused on corporate users.
The services that will delivered by Chime will offer more than video messaging and VoIP calling. Some of the advanced features of Chime comprise virtual meetings, hosting or joining remote conferences. The service is offered with a minimal to higher pricing plan. The pricing starts with $2.50 per user per month and higher costing plan is of $15 per user. There is also a basic plan which offers video calls and chat rooms among two users.

The disclosure of Amazon’s new service was in plans since November, when the firm acquired a San Francisco based startup—Biba System. This startup was inclined more on developing messaging app for business users.
The launch of Chime will be alternative to other services like Google Hangouts, AWS. It is available for Android devices, iOS, MacOS, and Windows.

Nowadays, it gets complex to identify the suitable crowd who actually utilize the technology for daily meetings. Many of such applications are difficult to use and have some of the technical problems in audio and video interface.
Let’s see how the new step by Amazon runs in communication platform.

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