Leaked slides hint at Apple’s AI development plans

Apple appears to be taking immense efforts on its goal of artificial intelligence secretly. A bunch of slides from the Apple’s AI meeting in Barcelona has revealed online, signifying some main study focus areas of the company.

According to the sources, the meeting is said to be handled by the director of artificial intelligence research, Russ Salakhutdinov, at Apple.

The company is said to be functioning on minute neural networks that will work separately instead of depending on various other connections from server. These networks are said to have twice the speed and are 4.5 times minute than the normal ones. For end-users, this can assist future iPad and iPhone models to verify location, a person’s face, and more in a picture easily than is possible now.

We may also get a chance to see a glance of the company’s progress in AI in the next year’s iPhones or the future iPad models. Additionally, the company discussed about its graphics processing units. Apple claimed that its algorithm for image recognition can scan twice the number of images every second in comparison with Google.

Apple has possessed several artificial intelligence startups in 2016. In January, it obtained an Artificial Intelligence startup, Emotient Inc., that is capable to read people’s feeling by studying expressions. It also overtook another company called Turi in August. Adding to this list, it acquired Tuplejump, an Indian startup that assists user to process, store, and visualize information.

Seeing all the investments that Apple has made till now, we are sure that Apple’s AI will be the turning point for the company.

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