Let’s Break the Rumors: Why is Apple Really Building a Tech Car?

Everyone calls it a rumor, but we all know that Apple is building a car, and it is promising that it will revolutionize the automotive industry. Some say Apple is not building anything, but we cannot wish away a discussion about it. The million dollar question now is: why is Apple expanding into the auto industry?

Apple’s rumored car project, codenamed Project Titan, has been a rumor for years, with credible reports of the company’s ambitions emerging shortly after Google’s. The most recent reports indicate that Apple is working on a car that is expected to be ready by 2019. Day by day, this rumor is gaining more and more steam.

Being the most valuable company in the world gives Apple an edge considering how expensive how expensive R&D is for such a new field. With Apple being one of the most secretive companies in Silicon Valley, we may never get any official word as to what exactly it is they are developing—well, not until the launch day.

Besides the fact that they can afford it, why is Apple building a car?

Automotive Dominance is the Newest Arms Race

Image credit: Mac Rumors

Image credit: Mac Rumors

According to Wall Street Journal (http://www.wsj.com/articles/apple-speeds-up-electric-car-work-1442857105), Apple expects to ship their own electric car by the year 2019—that is just four years from now. When Google diversified into autonomous cars as a way to shape the future of the automotive industry, everyone knew it would not be long before Apple dove into the automotive industry too. Well, it has happened.

The Race for Zero Emissions

Building a new kind of car from the ground up is no easy task, and while Apple can afford it, how can it race to the top of electric car manufacturing with makers such as Tesla making a killing in the electric vehicle market? For the last couple of years, Apple has reportedly been poaching employees from various companies as it fills its ranks, so its strategy may actually be very smart.

Apple Wants to Make a Difference

Like it did with the launch of the first iPhone, which is credited for revolutionizing the smartphone industry, Apple wants to introduce a new kind of autonomous vehicle of the future. Google and dozens of automobile manufacturers in the world, including Ford, tesla, BMW, and Mercedes, are also reportedly working on self-driving vehicles.

As the glory and success of the communication industry starts to numb, the automotive industry may be the next area of focus, and it looks very promising. Until we know for sure what the iCar is, or what makes it different, we just have to take every report with a pinch of salt.


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