Lyft Investing Millions in Nashville, TN

Popular rideshare service Lyft has just announced that it is relocating a large portion of its business to Nashville, TN. Originally based in San Francisco, CA, Lyft’s customer experience operations are now moving to Nashville, where the company is investing more than five million dollars to create close to four hundred new jobs.

Lyft has slated the historic Sash & Door building in Nashville’s downtown area as headquarters for their customer experience operations branch, which offers useful information and answers to both passengers and drivers. Lyft is the only ridesharing service with a 24/7 response window and is the fastest growing of its kind in the nation. With over a million riders a week, it’s not hard to imagine why Lyft is looking to expand.

COO Rex Tibbens believes that Nashville, TN is a natural fit for a company such as Lyft, which values a creative culture and has a welcoming reputation for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Bill Haslam, the current governor of Tennessee, is eager for the partnership to begin, which he hopes will situate Tennessee as one of the top locations for quality jobs in the southeast United States.

Image credit: TechCrunch

Image credit: TechCrunch

Randy Boyd, the commissioner of the Tennessee Economic and Community Development board, echoes the governor’s sentiments. Boyd believes that Tennessee is proud to help companies such as Lyft continue developing in an environment which is business-friendly and supportive of innovation.

Mayor Megan Barry is equally pleased to discuss Lyft’s new presence in Nashville. Barry believes that Lyft’s 5.1 million dollar investment in creating hundreds of jobs sends a strong signal to the rest of the United States that Nashville is quickly becoming a popular choice for businesses in the technology sector.

Mayor Barry also mentioned that Nashville has long been supportive of the ridesharing approach to transportation and values its addition to an already robust array of choices when it comes to public transportation. Both she and the governor believe that Lyft’s decision to create more jobs within Tennessee will have a lasting effect on not only their economy, but also their reputation in the eyes of other s

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