McClary Brothers Drinking Vinegars – Shark Tank Review

Countless people have tried going on health kicks with highly touted miracle drinks and almost without fail, these drinks have routinely fallen short of the benefits they claim to offer. Not so with McClary Brothers drinking Vinegars as featured on the Episode 1 of Season 7 of Shark Tank. When it comes to finding something tasty and healthy to replace sodas and alcohol, the available options can be limited and the McClary Brothers are on a mission to fill the void.

What Are Drinking Vinegars?

Drinking vinegars are an age-old liquid that has been primarily drunk when combined with other drinks, such as a variety of alcohols. These types of vinegars date back to colonial America, when they were quite popular. Many times, shrubs, or drinking vinegars, are utilized as cocktail mixers or are used to help create non-alcoholic beverages. They have been adding unique twists and takes on flavors for years, and now McClary Brothers Drinking Vinegars aims to restore them to popularity.

What Do Drinking Vinegars Taste Like?

mcclary-borthers-drinking-vinegarsDrinking vinegars usually taste like a tangy or sweet liquid concoction and add a fun flavor to a variety of mixed drinks. These products are primarily infused with a wide range of other ingredients, and these ingredients lend a lot of their own distinct flavors to the shrub or drinking vinegar. From the flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables to the aromatics and subtleties of freshly sourced herbs, one can easily find a drinking vinegar that appeals to their own sophisticated palette or one that pairs well with other beverages.

Who Are the McClary Brothers?

McClary Brothers Drinking Vinegars are an incredible new product that updates traditional drinking vinegars and makes them accessible and exciting to new customers of all ages. Located in Detroit, Michigan, McClary Brothers takes pride in highlighting such a unique beverage and always evolving new product lines to help you add a one-of-a-kind kick to all of your favorite beverages.

In addition to always adding new flavors like Detroit Thai Basil, Michigan Basil, Lemon and Ginger, Michigan Beet and Carrot, Pineapple and Fennel, and Michigan Cranberry, they are always sourcing from local ingredients and farmers. It has never been easier to support local farmers than buying and utilizing the delicious drinking vinegars created by the McClary Brothers. The question remains as to whether or not their appearance on Shark Tank be enough to launch their product into mainstream popularity.

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