Microsoft fixes bug about Windows 10 that keeps PCs without access to internet

The regular updates for Windows 10 by its owner Microsoft are always intended to introduce new features and fix the bugs. Conversely, the last updated rolled out by the tech giant in the past week had a bug which affected the computers and prevented them to connect from the Internet.

The main reason behind this issue was due to aforementioned Windows 10 update. The result—PCs were not able to request an IP address for the destination router. Hence, there was no Internet connection.

Nevertheless, the company reacted quickly and started addressing the issue. Recently, Microsoft claimed that it had rolled out another patch that will solve the issue causing the update.

According to the support page of Microsoft, the new KB3206632 patch, for OS build 14393.576, solves a crash in CDPSVC that in some cases led the machine to not request an IP address.

Some other fixes are packed along with this solution. These fixes are related to issue of Internet Explorer 11, Windows Hello, and app compatibility. Additionally, Internet Explorer, security updates to Microsoft Edge, Common Log File System Driver, and Microsoft Uniscribe are also included.

Well, this might give some relief to the users making use of windows 10. However, there is one question that is dwelling in our mind. If the current issue does not allow the users to connect their PC to Internet, then how will they update the fix? Now this is something Microsoft should have thought of before giving out a solution. Well let us see, if users are able to find a solution for this issue?

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