Nanoparticles Mimic the Camouflage Nature of Chameleons

Nanoparticles Mimic the Camouflage Nature of Chameleons

When you look around in the surrounding there are a number of living organisms that will leave one spellbound. For instance, there are some living organisms such as the chameleon, reptiles, or birds that have the ability to either change colors or camouflage into the environment. Keeping this concept in mind, the scientists have now created a color changing matter using the nanoparticles and electrical spur. Nanoparticles are changing the technological era into molecular-dependent period owing to its amazing properties.

Nanoparticles Mimic the Camouflage Nature of Chameleons

The core or shell-shaped nanoparticles were used to enhance the color contrast or color schemes expansion along with structural or pigmentary color combinations. These specific nanoparticles arrangements imitate the camouflage concept so that it can be used in the electronic paper displays or the colored reflective photonic displays. The non-iridescent colors can be influenced by changing the shell thickness, external electrical stimuli supply using the electrophoretic deposition process, and particle concentration. This color changing feature is useful in the electronic visual display applications such as the price label list display in the digital signage and retail shops, bus timetable display, smartphone display, electronic billboards, and e-readers showcasing books and magazines’ digital version.

The immediate color change option along with the transmitted and reflected color difference information can turn into a fully reversible concept. The particles are not arranged in a specific format, for instance, crystalline, but rather in an amorphous photonic crystal form in order to create the observable colors from the reflected light that does not change its viewing angles. In short, the whole system works on the angle of independence that comprises the noticeable color being reflected from the particle arrangement, and it is the basic theory followed in the electronic displays. In addition to this, the particle arrangement that is influenced by the external electric stimuli is what the resulting observable color depends on.

Thus, this new invention based on the camouflage theory can help bring the concept to life even in the various technologies dealing with electronic display or light. Nanoparticles bring a new change to the visual display arena.

Let’s wait and watch to the see the future results.

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