New Energy Program Aims to Decrease Electric Usage

New Energy Program Aims to Decrease Electric Usage

Alice Barham may be the happiest women today. The New Year brought her too much of happiness. Why? Well, she is one of those many people, who was given energy-efficiency improvement for their house. Yes, Alice received an energy makeover for her home. This was all possible due to Extreme Energy Makeover program. This program is powered by Columbus Light and Water.

New Energy Program Aims to Decrease Electric Usage

The CLW and city of Columbus bonded together with CLEAResult, a leading energy firm, after receiving a grant of $1.6 Million from the Tennessee Valley Authority for Extreme Energy Makeover program.

The program aims, with the help of this grant, to decrease usage of electricity by focusing on poor weather sealing, duct seals air leaks, heating and cooling, insulation, and other issues.

The program has a goal to save 25% of energy in houses that are minimum 20 years old. The program also targets at lower-income communities’ homes.

Barham used to live in a rental home. This rental home was built in mid of 1960 and was very difficult to heat in winters. Her current home was built in mid of 1980.

Both the houses of Barham are located off Dowdle Street. They receive energy renovations which are efficiency-focused. These include sealant around windows, vents, and where the walls meet the ceiling, a new water heater, improved insulation, and other improvements for free.

Columbus had taken its first step towards saving energy. It is only for other nations to do the same. This will, with combined efforts, solve the problem of pollution and save the world from the energy crisis.

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