Newly Developed Drug Might be Effective for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease in which the protective covering nerves is eaten by the immunity system, shocked right? You might be thinking that immune system is a good friend of the human body who helps to resist the diseases. Yes, that’s true, but it has some disadvantages too due to which it is termed as a cause of MS disease.

A medical trial carried out by neurologist Dr. Fred Lublin of Mount Sinai Hospital New York has given a hope to those who are suffering from progressive MS. The research came out with the first drug named as Ocrelizumab that was effective in terms of the primary progress.

The disease is caused due to destroying of the protective cells, which are wrapped around the nerves termed as myelin sheath. The main functioning of the sheath is to assist the signals to travel down to various nerves. Thus, sheath damage causes a malfunction in the brain, which leads to disturbance in message delivery to the body parts. Our immune system has a part named B cells, which is responsible for the whole myelin sheath damage.

Hence, moving to the result of the test conducted on 732 MS patients, the number of patients that were weakened was reduced from 39% to 33% with Ocrelizumab. Further, patients consuming the drug responded progressively based on scans conducted to identify the brain loss and time taken by the patient to reach the 25-feet walk.

The overall trial concluded that in the UK, more than 100,000 people were successfully treated and sent home with positive results.

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