Oscar 2 ABPM by Suntech with Patient Diary App

Oscar 2 ABPM by Suntech with Patient Diary App

In day-to-day life, blood pressure monitoring has become an essential factor. SunTech Medical has introduced Oscar 2, the next-generation, 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system. The device is aimed to increase effectiveness for clinicians, general practitioners, pharmaceutical researchers, and cardiologists.

Oscar 2 ABPM by Suntech with Patient Diary App

The SunTech Oscar 2 is designed with the mobile app True24 ABPM Patient Diary mobile. The app can be linked to the system through Bluetooth. The True24 app offers a tutorial regarding ambulatory blood pressure and directs the patient to add data about their posture, activity, or any symptoms experienced during the study. Ultimately, the information fed in the diary aids the clinicians to elucidate the data of ambulatory blood pressure study to make well-informed hypertension treatment decisions.

SunTech Oscar 2 is also offered with the universally recognized AtCor Medical’s SphygmoCor Inside technology for measurement of central blood pressure. The patented sub-diastolic waveform assessment gives a completely featured physiological waveform in patients who are 18 and older.

In addition to the abovementioned features, Oscar 2 is also provided with SunTech’s motion tolerance technology. This technology removes repeated studies and futile readings caused by motion-related artifacts. The device uses Orbit cuff that is aimed to offer consistency, patient comfort, and conformity during ABPM use. For effective analysis and programming, the Oscar 2 is backed with the new AccuWin Pro 4 software.

The SunTech Oscar 2 is evaluated to fulfill the performance and accuracy demands as per the AAMI-SP10 standards, European Society of Hypertension International, and British Hypertension Society.

Isn’t it getting easier to interpret and monitor the ambulatory blood pressure? What are your views regarding SunTech Oscar 2? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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