Prostate Cancer Treatment with Laser Method Is a Success

Prostate Cancer Treatment with Laser Method Is a Success

Prostate Cancer Treatment with Laser Method Is a SuccessProstate cancer is diagnosed in many men nowadays, thus the traditional way of treatment is available for this state of disease. Researchers have come up with an efficient and convenient way of treating the prostate cancer.

This procedure includes the utilization of lasers and drug developed by using deep sea bacteria which removes cancerous tissue with no major ill effects. Ten fibre optic lasers are placed in through the perineum, which is a slit between anus and testes, reaching the prostate cancer gland. Further, the laser light is switched which activates the drug to kill cancer.

The trials included 413 men, who were treated using this technique known as vascular targeted photodynamic therapy (VTP) and the results were considerable with no marks of cancer detected post therapy.

Previously used methods included surgery or radiotherapy in its procedure for treatment, but it had some adverse effects on the body such as urinary incontinence and lifelong impotence.

Prof. Mark Emberton—University College, London—said the technology could be also helpful in treating breast cancer, by removing just the cancerous lump rather than separating the whole breast from woman’s body.

As per the report, each year 46,000 of the men are detected with prostate cancer, and the slow growth of the tumour still kills about 11,000 men.

The laser treatment is not available for the patients, but it is projected that the new technology will probably help to reduce this huge number from the beginning of the new year.

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